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RUFZxp: Going up in the standings!

Still far from top QRQers but climbing from place 29th to 23rd :-) in the RUFZxp high speed CW competition. This time reached 412 CPM (82 wpm) during this attempt. But still not achieving consistent copy over 500 CPM. Problem still being “S”, “H”, “V”, “U”, “B”, and “D”. Max Speed ever with RUFZ is 507 CPM (102 WPM). Errors during this session 18. Mostly V, U, H, and S. Session started at 250 CPM. I’m gonna keep trying till I get in the top 10….

Below you can watch QRQ demi-God: Fab DJ1YFK running stations at 100 WPM using JE3MAS’s PED Contest Simulator.

PED has a nice feature that allows you to load a .txt and generate QRQ CW. This is cool for increasing your QRQ capabilities. Words or phrases instead of callsings will help you keep going QRQ.