CQ WW DX Contest: Categoría Extrema

Una Nueva Categoría “Extrema” está siendo agregada al concurso CQ WW DX para fomentar el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías en las comunicaciones de radioaficionados en general y en los concursos en particular. De acuerdo con el director del CQ WW, Bob Cox, K3EST, esta nueva categoría ha sido establecida para permitir a los aficionados participar en el CW WW mientras experimentan creativamente con estaciones vinculadas por internet y otras tecnologías nuevas no permitidas en ninguna de las demás categorías. Las reglas de la categoría “Extrema” tal cual han sido aprobadas por el comite del CQ WW, siguen a continuación, junto con una detallada explicación de como se funcionará el sistema de puntajes. Esta nueva categoría será efectiva  en el concurso CQ WW de 2009 a desarrollarse más adelante este año.

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Mystery of the Missing Sunspots, Solved?

June 17, 2009: The sun is in the pits of a century-class solar minimum, and sunspots have been puzzlingly scarce for more than two years. Now, for the first time, solar physicists might understand why. At an American Astronomical Society press conference today in Boulder, Colorado, researchers announced that a jet stream deep inside the sun is migrating slower than usual through the star’s interior, giving rise to the current lack of sunspots. Rachel Howe and Frank Hill of the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Tucson, Arizona, used a technique called helioseismology to detect and track the jet stream down to depths of 7,000 km below the surface of the sun. Continue reading


2009 ARRL DX CW @ ZW5B !!!

ARRL DX Contest, CW
Call: ZW5B
Operator(s): LU5DX
Station: PY5EG
Class: SOSB/15 HP
QTH: Curitiba
Operating Time (hrs):
Band  QSOs  Mults
15: 1552    59
Total: 1552    59  Total Score = 274,704
Wow!!! Being here at ZW5B was the most shocking experience in my contesting
life!!! Everything was just wonderful.
People, place, station, food, hospitality! Everything.
Originally planned to enter SOAB, but I found Thomas PY2ZXU was here at the
station so I thought it was great to invite him to stay with me and do two
single band entries. That we did! We had lots of fun. I learned a lot here.
Thomas simply rules!!!
Another highlight was the visit to Don’s (PY5ZBU) station. Don is devoted to
EME mostly and having the opportunity of meeting a world class EME station and
operator was very impressing.
Propagation was down from last year I guess. Transecuatorial had some effect
here on 15 too when sunspots are down. So it was kind of strange to listen to
southern stations run big piles while here the band was almost closed.
I must thank Oms PY5EG for letting this dream of mine come true! His passion for
our hobby is all around this beautiful station. What he does to encourage new
people to join this beautiful hobby can be touched with your hands and can be
seen in everybody here willing to help with a truly fantastic team spirit!
I must thank also to PY2ZXU’s XYL Laura for allowing Thomas to stay and operate
and for all the nice chats we had about life in general.
Thanks Thomas for being such a super fantastic mate! I only hope we can share
more contests in the future.
Thanks Luciano PY5KD for all his help prior to the contest. Thanks Maia PY5CA
for all his kind help and hospitality.
Thanks also to Sonia, and all the people here at the house for being just great
and for making me feel like at home all weekend long!
Thanks again from heart!
Martin, LU5DX op at ZW5B – 2009 ARRL INT’L CW CONTEST
Thursday, Feb 19th 2009. Arrived in Sao Jose Dos Pinhais Airport (Curitiba) at
23:30 GMT. It was already dark and I directly headed for PY5EG’s station. At the
house I first met Maia PY5CA who was there waiting for me. We went to the shack
where he was tuning 40 m running a big pile up of European stations. He invited me
to operate SSB for a while. The pile up was tremendous! It was hard to pick a single
letter out of the pile.
After a while Maia told me that Thomas SM0CXU (PY2ZXU) of HZ1AB fame was there at
the station working on the 80 m 3el Yagi.
I spent half an hour looking at the countless WAEDC, CQ WW, ARRL DX contests plaques
won from ZW5B whilst Maia was updating me on the station description.
The stations is build around several towers for assorted monoband yagis and
yagi arrays. The 80 m 3 el yagi was down at ground level being modified for improved
performance. Very nice mods indeed using W6ANR-type high unloaded Q coils. Much
better directivity pattern and gain than with linear loaded elements.
After an hour or so at PY5EG’s I found Thomas whom I first met at WRTC 2006 in
I asked him to stay so we could make two single band efforts from the station.
He and his XYL Laura invited me out to have dinner. During dinner we decided to enter
40 m (Thomas) and 15 m (me).
After a couple of delicious pizzas and good conversation we returned to the station.
I spent some time making QSOs on 40 and then went to bed.
Friday, Feb 20th 2009. I got up early in the morning we had breakfast with Thomas, Laura
and Maia. Then we went where the 80 m antenna was and we kept working on the antenna
till noon. I was glad I was allowed to help. This was the first big 80 m yagi I had the
opportunity to see at ground level. It’s a very impressive and big antenna. After a while
we took a break and we headed for the shack where we called Oms on the phone. We talked
about our plans for the contest and he was happy we were going to enter in two different
bands. We got back to the 80 m yagi and worked till lunch.
After lunch we headed for PY5ZBU’s station about an hour and a half away from PY5EG’s.
Don is devoted to EME and we enjoyed our visit very much.  Thomas took an FT 1000 MP
for Don to check on the front end performance. We talked about Don’s EME activities and
I was there listening amazed at all the knowledge and passion he was sharing with us.
Don built a full fledge EME stations. He was the first to claim DXCC via EME. In his
professional carrer he conducted part of the IRIDIUM satellite phone system among other
major projects. Part of his equipments is home made in a totally professional way.
You can see transverted Collins for use in either 432 Mhz and 1.2 Ghz. Yaesu FT-736,
Kachina, etc, etc. Don’s station is a unique place to be for all those who love EME
Around 21 GMT we finish our visit thanking Don for such a great opportunity of meeting
a world class EME station.
We got to the station around 23 Z. Just an hour or so before the contest started. Thomas
spent some time hooking up his computer. I kept warming up on 15 meters. 21 Mhz already
sounded punk even b4 the contest started. But I felt really happy doing single band.
ZW5B is a big station so you better go there a couple of times before doing an all band
Saturday, Feb 21st 00 GMT. Thomas had a great start on 40 m. My first hour on 15 m was really
slow netting only 62 Qs. At 02Z I went to bed because the band was completely dead.
I actually kept sending CQs till 03z but no takers at all. I woke up at 9 Z and the band
was dead send several CQs for about 30 mins. Thomas was working Ws on 40 at a really good pace.
15 started to open at 12 Z only 4 Qs were worked. Best two hours were 14 and 15 z
totalizing 146 Qs each. They rest of the day was slow reaching the half way mark with
1101 Qs. Signals were really unreadable at time and some Qs required many repeats.
Thanks everyone for the patience! I experienced the same deep QSB several times on 15 and
10 m during the past few sunspots-less years.
Sunday, Feb 22nd.  It was even harder than Saturday. Signals were even down at RCVR noise
floor levels.
Both Thomas and I finished the contest at 10 pm local time. We talked a lot before, during
and after the contest.
On Monday. Thomas drove me to the airport and spent a couple of hours talking about our
hobby and about our lives.
I’ll never forget this weekend. It was a dream come true for several reasons:
I was able to experience the unsurpassed Hospitality, Friendship
and Team Spirit of all the people involved with the Araucaria DX Group.  I believe that’s
Oms’s biggest achievement: The group of people he encouraged and got involved in our
beautiful hobby is just fantastic. I also had the opportunity of spending a weekend
with one of the ops I admire since I started contesting in 1988. At that time Thomas
(SM0CxU/PY2ZXU) was active from HZ1AB in every possible contest. Thomas was also
one of the hard working friends who made possible WRTC2006.
I was able to operate from ZW5B. A unique station, a unique place and
unique friendly people.
I met Don PY5ZBU and visited his world class EME station.
I met Luciano PY5KD and Maia PY5CA to great friends who really helped us lot.
I believe there are now words to express how happy I was. I only can say thanks from
heart to Oms, Thomas, Maia, Luciano, Sonia, Laura and all the people at ZW5B.

Wow!!! Being here at ZW5B was the most shocking experience in my contesting life!!! Everything was just wonderful. People, place, station, food, hospitality! Everything. Originally planned to enter SOAB, but I found Thomas PY2ZXU was here at the station so I thought it was great to invite him to stay with me and do two single band entries. That we did! We had lots of fun. I learned a lot here.  Thomas simply rules!!! Another highlight was the visit to Don’s (PY5ZBU) station. Don is devoted to EME mostly and having the opportunity of meeting a world class EME station and operator was very impressing. Continue reading


2009 CQ WPX CW @ LP1H

2009 CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: LP1H
Operator(s): LU5DX
Station: LU5HM

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: Cordoba
Operating Time (hrs): 30

Band  QSOs
80:  180
40:  564
20:  897
15:  613
10:   21
Total: 2275  Prefixes = 840  Total Score = 7,403,760

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2008 ARRL 10 M @ LR4E (MS)

ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: LR4E
Operator(s): LW4EU LU5DX
Station: LW4EU

Class: M/S LP
QTH: Chacabuco
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  193
  SSB:  129
Total:  322    97  Total Score = 99,910




2008 CQ WW DX CW @ LP1H – SOAB (A)

 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: LP1H
Operator(s): LU5DX
Station: LU5HM

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: La Bolsa Village
Operating Time (hrs): 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80:  191    24       57
   40:  935    31      111
   20: 1135    33      118
   15: 1212    26       91
   10:   47    16       23
Total: 3520   400      129  Total Score = 5,409,888

Club: LU Contest Group


Job schedule lead me to LU5HM's beatiful station.. Packed with
M2 aluminum beauties!!

First time doing SO2R!! Never again will be SO1R :-) . 

Big thunder storms all weekend long prevented us from getting
an RX atenna up,also we experienced a 5 hour power outage.

Enjoyed the weekend very much with Ramon LU5HM, his father
LU7HE and all his family. They made me feel like at home.

Ramon even climbed the tower under the rain to get the
80 M2 yagi to operate on the lower portion of the band.!!!
Thanks from heart for doing that and for all
the hospitality and support!

73 to all!

Martin, LU5DX